He might own me, but I’m not giving in without a fight.

He might own me, but I’m not giving in without a fight.

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July, 23rd, 2019.

She’s stuck between a rock and a very, very, very hard place. The Contract is the witty and sensational prequel to the Mafia Vows series and it guaranteed not to disappoint. Make sure to get it now while it’s available for free! Also dive right into The Debt: Mafia Vow One the next in this amazing series

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The Contract: A Mafia Vows Prequel


In my world, family and honor are everything.
In my world, women are powerless.
In my world, men call all the shots.

My uncle is a mafia king, and my father wants the same power. I am a pawn in their games – to be used and traded.

Two weeks ago, I was promised in marriage to a man I barely knew.
Two days ago, I discovered that man liked to torture women for fun.
Two hours ago, I begged my mother to stop the marraige.
Two minutes ago, I found myself promised to another man… to my uncle’s terrifying enforcer.

The only way to avoid marriage to a madman is by becoming the bride of a murderer.
He’s six-feet-five of sheer muscle and power, and he scares me as much as he excites me.
Ruthless, merciless, and without fear, his cruel smirk tells me he is going to enjoy having me at his mercy.

He might own me, but I’m not giving in without a fight.


The Debt: Mafia Vows One

In my world, power is taken not given.
In my world, women are a pastime and nothing more.
In my world, emotions are dangerous and need to be locked down.

Maya was born into this, but she doesn’t understand it. It makes her vulnerable, and now she’s been promised to a man I wouldn’t let my worst enemy marry. She needs help – my help.

I step in and take her as my bride in order to save her skin.
Our marriage might be fake, but our passion is real.
My ring on her finger is the tie that binds us.

Maya thinks she can walk away once the danger has passed. She believes our passion is fleeting.
She hopes I will simply let her go.
She’s wrong.
On. Every. Single. Count.

We’re playing a dangerous game. One where the lines are so blurred, we can’t see them.I’m going to take her and make her mine, and in this game, she’ll play by my rules.But someone wants Maya out of the game completely, and our world is about to implode.

***Please note this is a romantic suspense with dark themes and as such trigger warnings apply. 
Reading order of the series is: 
The contract. A Mafia Vows prequel
The Debt: Mafia Vows One
The Promise: Mafia Vows Two. ***

What the Reviews Say

Beautiful introduction to the series. Mafia all the way in Greece….sexy bodyguards and love being born between a daughter of a mafioso and one of them…. Damien, Alesso and Marko, I wonder what they got for us. I highly recommend this book!

So many twists and turns, expectations, and finding out who will step up and save the day, you won’t even believe it, or maybe you will. Loved it!

Fantastic prequel to a new series. Maya’s father signed a contract to bind their mafia family to the Pappa family by an arranged marriage to an abusive man. She asks her Mom for help but her father insist the marriage will still happen. There are all kinds of twists and turns and surprises you won’t see coming.

Wow! What a gripping, sexy start to this series! There are lots of characters to wrap your mind around & it certainly keeps you on your toes!

Really awesome mafia themed novel! This book is definitely a great foundation for a series and is a nice introduction to the plot and the characters. The writing is and flow are nice as well!


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