Love happens no matter if you are looking or not!

Love happens no matter if you are looking or not!

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
July, 18th, 2019.

A sweet but so oh naughty romance! Claiming the Nanny is a fantastic romance: so much more than your average nanny romance, or your average Billionaire romance… Scarlet West has done it again with another kindle-melting read that you don’t want to miss. 

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Claiming the Nanny

Nanny for hire!
Package includes taking care of your kid,
And making you fall in love… 

That’s practically what Miranda advertised when she walked in.
Recommended by my assistant, I had to take her up.
With my last nanny walking out on me on same day’s notice,
She was nothing more than a saving grace.
Ever since the split with my crazy, druggy ex-wife,
I thought no woman could ever be fit to care for Cole.
And now I think I’ve found a permanent match, for him and me.

But my son already loves her…
And I think I do too.

What the Reviews Say

It’s instant chemistry between them both upon meeting, but they both try so hard to fight it for the little boy’s sake, Cole, and because Miranda needs the job to pay for school and to help pay her disabled father’s medical bills. This story offers angst, sexy times, a sweet boy caught in the middle of his dad and his junkie mother, lots of feels, and finally a sweet HEA.

I fell in love with the characters of Miranda, Duncan and his young son, Cole. Miranda gives the little boy love and so much more. Turns out, Duncan needed her just as much as his son Cole. This was a very pleasant summer read for me.

It was a quick read for me which I absolutely loved. I was able to start and finish it before I went to bed which meant I was able to just lose myself for awhile. Who doesn’t need or want that? This was a well written book that captured my attention from the beginning and held it throughout the entire book.

This is a sweet and emotionel story that made me laugh and cry. The mix of sadness, hot scenes, passion, pain, trust, emotional ups and downs makes it worth the read. The unexpected twists are welcomed.

I really loved how the story sucked you in and had you fall in love with these character, who felt so real with how they dealt with life struggles and the biggest battle of all… Love. Scarlet knocked this one out. One of my top stories from her.


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