And then I wake up next to my boss!

And then I wake up next to my boss!

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
July, 17th, 2019.

Who said mistakes were a bad thing? Sometimes they’re the absolute best! Today’s Very naughty read, Beautiful Mistakes: A Contemporary Romance Box Set is features four standalone novels, each with its own sizzling romance. The biggest mistake you’ll make is missing out on this wonderful box set, you need these stories in your life!

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Beautiful Mistakes: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

4 full length novels for readers who love accidental marriages, surprise pregnancies, secret babies and swoon worthy hot alphas. 

Includes a never before published full length novel, Daddy by Mistake.

Books included:

Married by Mistake: 
Mistake number one: Getting drunk in Vegas.

Mistake number two: Waking up in HIS bed with a HUGE rock on my finger (and our clothes missing).

Mistake number three: He is my best friend’s brother!

Baby by Mistake:
Royal a$$h0le, daddy’s best friend, and also my new boss.

But how on earth did we end up making a baby?

Was it just a mistake?

Pregnant by Mistake:
A forty-year-old CEO knocking up his twenty-three-year-old assistant?

Alright, falling for the s$xy single dad was a HUGE mistake.

Letting him take my innocence right there on his desk – a BIGGER mistake.

Daddy by Mistake:
I woke up with a ring on my finger!

What the hell happened last night?

All I can remember is that we had a couple drinks,

I was tipsy,

And then I wake up next to my boss!

What the Reviews Say

WOW-ZA! Victoria throws everything into this delicious little bundle. It’s as riveting as it’s captivating. Bringing all the drama, danger and suspense that makes for some awesome storylines and raging plots draw this little jewel together flawlessly. You have all the heat, steam, off the charts chemistry.

Beautiful Mistakes is a compilation of Ms. Snow’s Mistake stories that captivates from start to finish. Each story is well written with characters you will love.

Each story is well written with interesting characters and entertaining storylines. This is definitely a must have collection for anyone who enjoys contemporary romance.

The feelings throughout all these books keep you wanting to read how each is resolved. All of these books are must reads. Enjoy!!!

Four amazing stories you’ll read in this collection. Each one will captivate and draw you in for more. This is a well written and very entertaining collection of stories. I would recommend it to any book lover.


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