One contract. Two signatures. A marriage of inconvenience.

One contract. Two signatures. A marriage of inconvenience.

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July, 15th, 2019.

We’ve got a confession… A. Zavarelli is one of our long-standing favorite romance authors, and in Confess is just another reason why we love heart her sooo much. Dark, twisty and crammed with full-on drama, this romance will take your breath away.

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Confess (Sin City Salvation Book 1)

One contract. Two signatures. A marriage of inconvenience.

Lucian West isn’t husband material. He’s a stiff in a suit. Granted a hot one, but still. He’s one of the most hated men in America. An arrogant alpha. A ruthless attorney. 

He gets what he wants in the courtroom, and outside of it. 

Now, he wants me. 

For reasons I can’t fathom, he’s determined to make me his wife. 

He makes it clear he’s not above blackmailing me to put a ring on my finger. 

The man might be richer than sin with devilish good looks, but hell will freeze over before I ever give my heart to him. 


I don’t do love. I don’t even do relationships. 

But all of that changes when I stumble upon the tragic, beautiful woman confessing her sins in the dark of night. 

She’ s supposed to be nothing to me. Nothing but a wife. Her smart mouth drives me crazy. Her attitude brings out the beast in me. I want to protect her. I want to bring her to heel. I want to own her pretty lips. 

She belongs to me, she just doesn’t know it yet. 

I’ve already made her mine in name. Now it’s time to claim the rest of her. 

Explosive chemistry. Plenty of angst. Packed with emotion and dark themes. Confess is a standalone within the series and has a complete ending.

What the Reviews Say

5 Hauntingly Beautiful Stars. A Heart-rending love story of EPIC Proportions. A. Zavarelli stole my breath and I wasn’t able to breathe properly until I read the words.

Confess is crushingly beautiful and touching and so raw, you just can’t resist it. In one word – addictive. My life will never be the same again after this experience.

This book completely gutted me. A compelling and unputdownable read, A. Zavarelli has woven a dark and tragically beautiful tale with characters who command your attention. It’s smoldering and unapologetically emotional with shocking twists that will leave you begging for more. Confess is Zavarelli at her finest. Five well-deserved stars!

My brand new favorite Ashleigh Zavarelli read, Confess shattered me. Absolutely an epic read.

An epic beginning to what is sure to be a remarkable series. Brilliantly written, Confess sucks you into the lives of two lost souls who are destined to be together. The tension between Lucien and Gypsy cannot get any hotter! Confess smolders!


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