We’ve got history… A long history of wanting each other.

We’ve got history… A long history of wanting each other.

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July, 13th, 2019.

Taboo romance is often the hottest, and with this older brother’s best-friend and the nanny who lusted after him for years, Forbidden Nanny is a oneway ticket to a scorching hot and unbelievably intense romance. A must read for those who love their romance extra steamy.

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Forbidden Nanny

This is so awkward.

My brother’s s*xy best friend is now my new boss. 
Christian used to be a nerd back when we were teenagers. 
But now, he’s a blazingly hot professor. 
And a single dad. 
He’s hired me as his nanny. 
The girl who’s always lusted after him. 
It’s impossible to keep my distance from him. 
To ignore the attraction when all I want to do is kiss him. 
…and indulge in some really dirty little things. 
It’s true that we should stay professional. 
But we’ve got history. 
A long history of wanting each other. 
So, now might be my only chance to be a little stupid. 
To fulfill those fantasies. 

As long as I don’t lose my heart to him in the process. 

What the Reviews Say

He never expected Hollie, his best friends sister would throw him for a loop. He is stunned by how beautiful she is inside and out. The more time they spend together the more he falls for her. When his friend finds out will he understand or will it be the end? Does Hollie feel the same? Exciting with fun and love.

They are attracted to each other from the start, but of course they cannot act on it. Until they do. A great book and a wonderful romance. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Precious, sweet, Hollie was hired as a nanny for Christian’s son, Richie. From the moment he saw her, he was in lust. She was his BF’s younger sister and thus forbidden to him. Trouble was definitely headed their way since she was thinking along the same lines. How were they going to keep their lips and hands to themselves all summer long? I really liked Christian and Hollie’s story. The more they tried to deny their feelings for the other, the more they wanted each other. Hollie, Christian, and Richie are loveable, realistic characters, well paced, well written, and I highly recommend Forbidden Nanny by Annie J. Rose.

Well written have me hooked and wanting more!!! The steamy heat in this book had me blushing from ear to ear!! I loved the Christian and Hollie relationship in the story!

This story draws you in and takes you on a romantic journey with two amazing characters. Christian is a professor who has his hands full and when his ex ask him to step up to the plate and take their son for the summer, the tension heats up. His friend Dex makes a suggestion that will change the course of Christian’s life by hiring Hollie as his live in nanny. Their first meeting set into play what would be very heated summer for them. Will Christian be able to stay away from his friend’s sister or will he follow his heart?


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