Can two people who turned their backs on love find a way to face it together?

Can two people who turned their backs on love find a way to face it together?

Our pick of Sweet and/or Clean Romance for today,
July, 11th, 2019.

The sweetest and most heartwarming of stories: A Star-Spangled Romance is crammed full of small-town life and summer romance. A simply beautiful standalone addition to the Wintervale Promises series.

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A Star-Spangled Romance: A Sweet Small-Town Summer Romance
(Wintervale Promises Book 5)

He didn’t see the point of falling in love.

Dr. Brady Carson spends all of his time at Wintervale’s veterinary clinic. While caring for the pets of his friends and neighbors and training service dogs in his downtime, he’s never really had time for romance. It doesn’t help that he’s been in the small Vermont town all of his life and knows everyone way too well. Despite his sister’s insistence, Brady can’t bring himself to date any of the girls he grew up with. Besides, he’s perfectly happy to hang out with his friends, both human and canine, and focus on his work.

She couldn’t figure out a way to start over.

After being granted an honorable discharge when she lost her leg in an accident she refuses to talk about, Army Ranger Theo Matheson has been trying to pick up the pieces of her life. Returning home to Maine shouldn’t have been this hard, but she’s been struggling with all of the changes to her life, finding it hard to live with the past, and even harder to see a future for herself that doesn’t involve the Army. The one thing she’s looking forward to is meeting her new service dog, a pup that has been trained just for her in Wintervale, Vermont.

Can two people who turned their backs on love find a way to face it together? In the warmth of a Wintervale summer, anything is possible…

A Star-Spangled Romance is Book 5 in the Wintervale Promises series. It is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after. Join the Wintervale family for an unforgettable 4th of July, where the annual downtown fireworks display won’t be the only sparks flying!

What the Reviews Say

I have to admit that Brady is my type of hero. He is shy and awkward and more at ease with animals than people. He also knows a good thing when he sees it! The chemistry between Theo and Brady is quiet and sweet which makes their happily-ever-after all the better.

Great story. Theo is brave and a strong character despite her injury and how she was injured. Brady is a great catch, a little timid and has a big heart.

Reading A Star-Spangled Romance is pretty much exactly what small town life is like in Vermont. You know your neighbors, you see the people you grew up with, and you get excited when a new face moves to town!

I enjoyed reading the development & progression of their friendship. I think the characters blend well, uplift one another, their story is heartwarming and also has its humorous moments.

I love this series The Winterdale Promises and book 5 is just as great as the other 4. It’s a sweet romance and the author does a magnificent job in this tale. This book is well written and the story is short so reading it in one sitting isn’t hard to do. I highly recommend this book (and all the books of this series). It will put a smile on your face.


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