Me. The good girl. I can’t believe I’m about to say this. But I’m lusting over two men.

Me. The good girl. I can’t believe I’m about to say this. But I’m lusting over two men.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
July, 3rd, 2019.

Oh, boy, is Lexi in trouble… Double Dirty will melt your ereader. I mean, a firefighter and a hot personal trainer?! Whew! Packed full of the naughty heat you’d expect from another wonderful Natasha L. Black book!

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Double Dirty

The good girl.
I can’t believe I’m about to say this.
But I’m lusting over two men.

When a drug dealer is out for my blood,
Rafe and Leo are my only hope.
Rafe, the protective self-defense instructor.
And Leo, the sexy playboy firefighter.
Team up to protect me.
The two beefy, alpha men are my obsession.
I think of their rough hands touching my skin.
Them sharing me in ways that are so wrong but feel so right.
I’ve been a good girl all my life.
Good and… in control.
Maybe it’s time I surrender myself to my ultimate fantasy.
Let them own me.
Get double dirty.

So, now when my enemy attacks…
Two sets of strong arms have my back.

What the Reviews Say

This is a great book. It’s serious, funny, heartbreaking, heartwarming, shy and sexy. Rafe, Leo and Lexi started out as friends, with desire just below the surface. They had issues and threats to overcome. Their relationship is a very special one, different from anything they’ve ever known.

This was an amazingly beautiful, hot, and sexy love story. I just couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it. I most definitely recommend this book.

This was an interesting, intriguing, entertaining, drama filled romance, humor, emotions, danger, with some very hot steamy sex scenes. Rafe and Leo are total sweethearts and so protective of Lexy she was worried at first because their relationship wasn’t the norm but she was so excited to have both hot as sin sexy alpha males all to herself.

These two hot guys became an integral part of the story of growth and love for Lexi. A love that can be shared by the three of them when Lexi can not choose between the two guys. Who could?

I enjoyed this romance and if you like menage romances, this book’s for you. Leo and Rafe were two alpha men with hearts of gold who come to Lexi’s rescue when she’s in trouble. The characters are well-developed and the story is steamy. A slow burn that turns into so much more. A sweet love story with some steam.


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