Is my perfect match on campus one guy or three?

Is my perfect match on campus one guy or three?

Our pick of Reverse Harem Romance for today,
July, 2nd, 2019.

We don’t think you should have to choose… ever! Stephanie Brother’s latest scorching hot release, Triple Sext is a perfect example of the wonderful and steamy world of reverse harem romance. Full of drama, emotions and of course, three smokin’ hot guys. Celia is one lucky, lucky, lucky lady in this romance!

Grab your copy today for just 99c or FREE on KU!


Triple Sext

Is my perfect match on campus one guy or three? 

I had a filthy fantasy, so bad that the night before going to college, I had the wildest dream about the all-star footballer falling at my knees. I was brought down to reality as I soon found out that NYU didn’t turn out the way that I hoped.

All of a sudden I got a text.

Not any ordinary text, but one so dirty that it drove my mind wild.

It messed with me.

So, I responded.

They were so addictive that I agreed to meet this Casanova of the text world. I had one worry, though. 

What if it was three guys? What was I going to do with all three of them at once?

What the Reviews Say

Bow down to the Queen of reverse harem. Stephanie has set the bar high with this one. Loved every moment I spent with this story.

I loved this book. The dynamic of this reverse harem worked out beautifully. This book has adventure, drama, college bullies, raw erotic sex scenes, true bonding, reverse harem, and most of all true love.

Let me tell you the Steam that came from my kindle was crazy! It was so good. I loved the story, the characters, the sexiness, did I mention the Triplets, I loved the HEA… I couldn’t put it down, I devour it through the night till the wee hours of the morning. Stephanie, you’re Amazing as always.

Hot triplets, 1 heroine that you’ll love and to all the mean girls out there…she who laughs last gets the men who will bring summer to her bedroom. Well written, stand out characters and some you will love to see get there’s.

Triple Sext is hot and steamy, definitely a mature audience read that will grab your attention. Stephanie Brother has created another fantastic reverse harem book!!!


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