Four immortal guardians. One powerful woman. Will their bond secure the fate of the world?

Four immortal guardians. One powerful woman. Will their bond secure the fate of the world?

Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
July, 1st, 2019.

Romance that is Paranormal, Reverse Harem and features Irish guys? Magic Destiny ticks all the boxes for us! A wonderfully intense slow-burn romance that will hold you under its spell to the very last page.

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Magic Destiny

Four immortal guardians. One powerful woman. Will their bond secure the fate of the world? 

Twenty-one-year-old Abby Brennan hopes a taste of family heritage will help her grieve her mother’s death. Invited to spend the summer in an Irish castle, the history student feels an energetic hum the second she steps on the ancient grounds. But when she discovers she may be the woman chosen for a magical union with four handsome trustees, she’s afraid she might just want to stay…

Immortal guardians Sam, Brendan, Liam, and Murphy must find the true queen whose magic will protect their world. As they’re drawn to Abby’s powerful touch and the warmth of her kiss, they hope they’ve found the one. But after they trace back her lineage, they worry she could unknowingly harbor dark and dangerous sorcery…

As Abby and the guardians explore their secret connection, evil forces attempt to tear open a rift between worlds. 

Can the five tap into their desires before the demons destroy humanity?

This is a slow burn reverse harem series.

What the Reviews Say

Abby is anything but promiscuous, so it is amusing to see her reactions to the gorgeous immortal males, but how will she react when she discovers their real intentions? Trust me, this one is a keeper for sure and I cannot wait for book two!

I only had one dilemma… I didn’t want the book to end!

From the very beginning the author shows no shyness about the sexual aspects and relationships of the characters. Her sexual scenes are descriptively erotic without passing over into the realm of pure erotica because the story line is well established.

I love how the paranormal, folk lore and romance is so intertwined that it felt natural and real, not like a lot of overdone paranormal romances out there.

My usual genres are sci-fi and fantasy and this is my first try at paranormal. Kate Gellar did not disappoint. Loved the character development. I could not put it down and read this book in one sitting. Can’t wait for the continuation of the series.


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