Can the beauty tame the beast?

Can the beauty tame the beast?

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
June, 28th, 2019.

Beware: this will melt your ereader, but you won’t care. The dirtiest of romances, and the most likely to make you blush. Total Surrender (A Dirty Sexy Fairy Tale) is not an average spin on the Beauty and the Beast fairytale… it’s the naughtiest one.

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Total Surrender (A Dirty Sexy Fairy Tale)

A contemporary fairy tale with a dirty, sexy twist! TOTAL SURRENDER is a modern, sinfully seductive take on Beauty and the Beast.

She’s a sheltered beauty that would do anything to save her father. I’m a beast in a three-piece suit hell-bent on using my wealth and power to make the man that killed my parents pay.

Arabella doesn’t know what she’s agreed to when she accepts her father’s debt as her own. I’ll take her freedom and my revenge while indulging in my dark desires along the way.

I’m Maddux Wilder, and I don’t do fairy tales.

What the Reviews Say

The premise is entertaining and engaging; the romance is unconventional, dramatic and intense; the characters are colorful, energetic, innocent and broken. TOTAL SURRENDER is a captivating tale of innocence, seduction and happily ever after.

I would just say that I prefer this version of Beauty and The Beast by Erika Wilde so much more! She put an interesting and erotic spin to one of my all time favorite fairy tale in Total Surrender . And the end result was stunning and sensual.

All in all this was a freaking great read . . . and is so freaking good. There are some majorly steamy scenes between the two of the characters and I freaking adored all of it!

Total Surrender is the whole package my friends. I enjoyed every moment you get with this “Yummy” rated version of Beauty and the Beast. You will have symptoms of: Blushing, Snort Laughing, Swooning, and Total Bliss. I have read a handful adult versions of fairy tales, but Total Surrender was the best I have read so far!

Loved this story!! Not only did it have beautifully written characters but the emotions that these characters have to go through feel so real that the reader cannot help but fall in love with them. Everyone wants a prince Charming – even if he is rough around the edges. A fabulous read!!


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