Why do I keep letting him peel off my clothes?!

Why do I keep letting him peel off my clothes?!

Our pick of Oh, Daddy! Romance for today,
June, 28th, 2019.

She’s a single mom with an abusive ex, he’s a veteran with a painful past. Dangerous Temptation is full of drama, intensity and scorching hot romance. Don’t miss.

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Dangerous Temptation

I’m just trying to hold it together.
Raise my son. 
Keep moving to stay ahead of my abusive ex.

Last thing I need is some arrogant jerk making my day worse.
Reid is so hot. 
Big, muscular, built like the soldier he was until an ambush claimed the rest of his unit leaving him to live with the guilt.
Maybe that’s why he has such a short fuse. 
That doesn’t explain why I can’t tell him no.
Why I keep letting him peel off my clothes and make me scream.
I can’t resist him, until he has a PTSD nightmare and frightens me.
I’ve never felt this way. But it’s hard to trust after what my ex did to me.
Now my ex is back, stalking us, threatening us. 
He’ll take my son. I might never see my little boy again.
Reid is the only one I can turn to. He can keep us safe.

I need him now like I’ve never needed anyone before.
Can I trust him with our lives? With my heart?

What the Reviews Say

A churning multitude of vexing circumstances and an abundance of overwhelming surprises thrust those conflicting emotions to life smoothly. One intense storyline and explosive plot keeps spinning with an array of ups and downs until you’re not sure which way to turn. Throw in a little danger and you have one page flipping, prize winning, unnerving wonder that propels this bad boy to a whole new level.

Scarlett skillfully weaves this spectacular tale and draws us in so deeply until everything else ceases to exist.

Wow ….this was a powerful story. Hayley is raising her son alone…..running from a abusive ex. Reid is a returning soldier with anger issues and severe guilt. Two wounded souls meets….the chemistry is powerful….the sex is hot….hot.

Hayley and Reid keep running into each other at the wrong times. But they have insane chemistry. This book has suspense, love and friendship. I absolutely loved this book. A great read!

A beautiful love story about two amazing people who deserves to be happy. It was exiting from the beginning till the end and I loved every single minute of it.


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