Second chances are forever.

Second chances are forever

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June, 27th, 2019.

Devilishly hot, swoon-worthy romance is what you can expect from Katy Kaylee and her latest collection, Second Chances Forever: A Contemporary Romance Collection is the perfect selection of second chance romance to dive into and escape daily life.

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Second Chances Forever:
A Contemporary Romance Collection

Four full length second chance romances that will melt your hearts!

Also included is a brand new, never before released full-length novel, Feel My Love.

Book One: Come with Me
Walk into your office to meet your new boss (you already hate him because he’s been hired for a position YOU deserved), and guess what?

He turns out to be your ex!

He’s been so completely honest and open with me and I?

I’ve acted like the biggest jerk, keeping the biggest secret of my life.

A secret that would probably rock his world, hopefully for the better.

But would he be able to forgive me and take a chance with me once again?

Or would this ruin my so perfect happily ever after?

Book Two: Love You Forever
“I’m leaving,” he said, “right now, actually. Well, in about twenty minutes.”

Six years ago Dallas left me without a word. 

We were going to graduate together, and after we threw our caps, I was going to reveal the biggest miracle of our lives – I was pregnant

But he packed up and ran from me, taking my heart with him. 

I didn’t tell him about Raya, my precious baby, his baby.

And I decided that I never would. 

But now he’s back in town, and he’s trying to get me back.

He and my daughter look so much alike. 

Those big, beautiful blue eyes and killer smiles.

There’s no way he can’t tell she is his.

And after six years, I don’t know that I can tell him.

Book Three: Make You Mine
Two broken hearts. Six Years. And a HUGE Secret.

What do you do when you are interviewing for a dream job and the interviewer turns out to be your crush from high school?

The crush who left you without a word six years ago…

Well, apparently, you are supposed to say no to the job!

Unless…you are like me and decide to take revenge.

Yes, I am going to make him fall in love with me all over again.

And then, I am going to break his heart.

Just the way he broke mine…six years ago.

He’s so gonna regret messing with me in the first place!

Book Four: Feel My Love
Four years ago, I let him take my innocence.

He was tall, strong, sexy, and…my brother’s best friend.

And he had abandoned me…right after the act.

My brother discovered me (minus my clothes).

I did my walk of shame,

And answered all questions…alone.

Now Cameron’s back with his oh-so-sweet charm,

And we are roomies.

Oh Boy, the is going to be ….awkward.

And what if my brother discovers us once again.

Download your copy, and enjoy this bestseller box set today!

What the Reviews Say

Grab your copy and see how the characters make choices they probably shouldn’t have made, and what happens when the impossible occurs and gives them a chance to make it right! Confusion, uncertainty, and mistakes all combine to bring you stories – maybe some even personally familiar to the reader — of navigating through the crazy path to love and happiness! If you’ve had your own “second chance”, you know what I mean.

There are twists and turns all along the way, and probably quite a few surprises for you too! You won’t even have to wait for the “next” book because they are all here for you and can be read in any order you choose! Go ahead and fall in love again!

This boxset is a wonderful collection of second chance romances filled with steam, revenge plots, secrets and ultimately HEAs that will make you smile. Each book in this collection is wonderful and to get them all in one place – Grab this collection today!

Come With Me – Whoo, I am still panting and trying to breathe normally. This story has some serious heat.

You will read about those who have had a hard life and looking for a way to become whole and finding challenges on their journey. Some have found love and lost it only to be given a chance to rediscover it. Some characters make bad decisions and some for the right reasons and finding their way back is beautiful. Each story will keep your attention and making it hard to put the book down until you finish each one.


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