His rough hands make me want him that much more.

His rough hands make me want him that much more.

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
June, 25th, 2019.

He’s the cocky guy we all know: the one you shouldn’t like… in fact you probably hate him… but just can’t deny how he makes you feel. The solution? We prescribe The Doctor Next Door. A steamy romance that’s so hot, it’s sure to give you (and your Kindle) a fever.

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The Doctor Next Door: A Bad Boy Standalone Romance

This filthy rich and sexy doctor is completely off limits.

He’s not only my brother’s best friend. 
Glenn is also my neighbor. 
And I hate him. 
Always have, always will. 
Even if his cockiness turns me on. 
And his rough hands make me want him that much more. 
Those hard muscles don’t belong on a neurosurgeon. 
But Glenn is more than just a doctor.
He’s a bad, bad boy. 
One that I want to give my innocence to. 
He’s showing me a different side of him. 
Helping me cope with the tragedy. 
Making me feel all the things that I shouldn’t feel for him. 
I’ve given him my heart. 
Little did I know that he’d give me a baby. 
Yes, I’m pregnant. 
And neither of us were prepared for it. 

Could this baby bring us closer? 
Or end our relationship before it even begins?

What the Reviews Say

Aww I loved Glenn and Liz in this story. They sure denied their feelings for each other for years. What brings these two together is tragic and what keeps them together is beautiful.

Great characters, hot chemistry and lots of emotion.

I loved Glenn and Liz in this story it was a perfect example of how love and hate are very close companions. These two managed to deny their true feelings for each other for so long. But when tragedy strikes they are forced to come to terms with the feelings they have been denying for so long.

This was a great book that was fun to read. Once I began I couldn’t put it down. Emotional and full of twists and drama. Heartbreaking at times and heartwarming at others.

This story is very emotional in parts and the relationship between Liz and Glenn becomes one of deep emotional commitment and true love. I really loved the way Lauren Wood developed their characters. A true love story, not to be missed.


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