They require strict obedience and absolute domination.

They require strict obedience and absolute domination.

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June, 23rd, 2019.

A collection this big for just 99c? It has to be the bargain of the decade! Now, go and lock the doors, draw the curtains, and be sure to switch your phone off. ‘Cos once you start Daddy’s COLOSSAL TABOO collection you won’t want to be disturbed 😉

Grab your copy today for just 99c or FREE on KU!


Daddy’s COLOSSAL TABOO collection

(60 books from Horny House Series)
(Horny House Mega Collections Book 2) 

The Man of the House can’t get enough, and his Little Brats and Princesses are in for a stiff ride. He’s taking them in all new ways in this COLOSSAL bundle of 60 stories. His perversions are manifold, and they require strict obedience and absolute domination. Get ready to get wet and wild.

Check out the inside flap for the titles to all 60 stories!

About the Author

Let’s you and I come to an agreement, okay? When you need a dirty itch scratched quick and nasty, you come to me. Don’t come to me if you want long, winding introspection and character development. Come to me when you want the bare minimum, just enough to feel real, but real enough to make all the juicy parts pop out. 

 Heck, I know I’m not going to do you right with every book, and that’s fine. I can take it. There are a ton of books to choose from, or 20 book bundles to flip through, and maybe I can entice you to come back and give me another chance. 

 And that’s especially if you’ve been bad and read everything else I’ve released. That much smut? I know you want it. Don’t even pretend. 

 So just sit back, relax, and let me do all the talking. 

 And do me a favor… keep your hands to yourself.


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