Skye wants more. Not money or fame, but more of him.

Skye wants more. Not money or fame, but more of him.

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June, 18th, 2019

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Finn (All In, #1)

Skye Summers: Museum Studies grad, yoga enthusiast, sushi fanatic, self-proclaimed cat lady…

Sugar baby hopelessly falling for her sugar daddy.

Unfortunately for Skye, internet security billionaire Cole Daniels, professional workaholic, has always been more like a best friend. When they were paired through an online sugar daddy service in Skye’s most desperate hour, Cole rescued her from financial ruin and a stress-induced breakdown. In return, she has kept the press off his back by posing as his girlfriend for the last four years.

But Skye wants more…

What the Reviews Say

This quick and sexy story had completely taken me by surprise! After reading the description for this book, I was immediately hooked to this story and I couldn’t wait to read it.

A highly entertaining and riveting story that had me hooked from the first page to the last. Honestly I cannot recommend this book enough. So if you’re looking for a short and steamy read, then this is one story you do not want miss!

Once I began reading this book, it had everything any reader would want. I realized quickly that this book, Finn by Liz Meldon, was well written, engaging, captivating and had a different spin on the sugar daddy / sugar baby storyline.

Finn was so good. It’s short, sweet, and HOT. It is 100% an erotic novella, but it’s fun and has a very interesting story that’s the main plot.

This book grips you by the hair and never lets you go. Not that you would want to. This is a funny, witty and sex gripping story you will want to read and reread.


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