I accidentally married my high school sweetheart.

I accidentally married my high school sweetheart.

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June, 15th, 2019.

A lot has changed since graduation, but not the spark that was once between them… even though she’d dumped him and despite being her billionaire boss, she’s got an Accidental Surprise for him. Another hot, naughty and entirely delicious romance to enjoy from Annie J. Rose.

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Accidental Surprise

Men like him should come with a warning label. 

I accidentally married my high school sweetheart. 
And what’s worse? 
He’s not just a guy I dumped at graduation. 
He’s also my boss. 
Deep blue eyes, billionaire, and hot AF. 
I couldn’t stop drooling over him if I tried. 
But now, I have a marriage license. 
A hangover. 
And a walk of shame to deal with. 
I’m pretty screwed. 
The drunken wild night still has me blushing. 
But this isn’t even the craziest part.
The worst is yet to come. 
I’m carrying a secret. 
One that would have consequences. 
My boss is going to be a daddy
Would now be the right time to tell him?


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