He’s roused more than just the hidden fire magick within me.

He’s roused more than just the hidden fire magick within me.

Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
June, 15th, 2019.

Dragons, vampires, angels, fae and so much more. Dragon’s Bond is an intense and smouldering romance filled with drama that will keep you gripped from beginning to end – best of all, it’s FREE today. Do. Not. Miss!

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Dragon’s Bond: 
A Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance

When her fated dragon mate travels through time for her, a fallen Angel must learn to love him or it will mean destruction for the entire world.


The histories told of a dragon race that protected the Other Natured. I didn’t believe them. Then, I found myself tending one as he slept for three hundred years.

Now, he’s awake and he’s roused more than just the hidden fire magick within me.

He gave me a vivid vision of the future, forever seared into my memory: our fates and our futures are linked.

How am I supposed to remain focused on the duty required of us both when all I want to do is give in to the darkest temptations I’ve felt for centuries?

The Goddess blessed me with one last time shift to return to my mate. Vita must submit to me, body and soul.

If she rejects our Bond, the House of Quercus and the innocents it protects will fall. Vampires, shifters, Magick Born: without Vita, none will survive. She’s our last hope.

My duty is to guide Vita to the one who will save us all. My desire is to keep her safe.

Even if that costs me everything, including her.

What the Reviews Say

Vita’s dragon has awoken from his healing sleep to a quietly seething Vita who still has not accepted their mate bond. And yet, she has maintained a vigil over him for all these years. Drake will have his work cut out for him to convince her that she is his true mate. Although that glimpse of their future together and the strong feelings that lay between them can only help his efforts. A well written and very engaging book!

I loved this book. The characters are well thought out and perfect for each other. The world they live in is different to anything you can imagine. Tending to someone for 300yrs is one job your destined for as Vita learns. Now Drake is awake and has roused more than magic within Vita. Can Drake reclaim his mate and keep her safe?

Vita has been waiting for Drake, a dragon shifter, to awaken after having a wing broken. He told her if things in the future that they were slated to do. Vita began to doubt the reason for her never having taken a mate based on what Drake told her three hundred years ago. I loved the loyalty to each other that everyone has especially Vita to Drake.

I really could not put this book down! I read it in one day. There was so much going on in this read, in a good way. I was shocked by twists in the story and the plot was very captivating. I love Vita and Drake, along with the secondary characters. Look forward to more. Want to know more!

The characters are complex, realistic and believable as they progress and their bond strengthens as the story unfolds. With graphic detailed descriptions it’s easy to picture each scenario as they play off one another perfectly. Eve did a remarkable job bringing this read to life flawlessly.


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