Falling in love was never part of their plan…

Falling in love was never part of their plan…

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
June, 13th, 2019.

As much as she tries, sometimes you just can’t keep things professional… The Playboy’s Publicist: A Billionaire Boss Romance is the perfect billionaire boss romance to enjoy today!

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The Playboy’s Publicist: A Billionaire Boss Romance

He’s a rich playboy who needs to clean up his image. She’s the publicist he’s hired to help. Falling in love was never part of their plan…

When a chance encounter with a rich playboy leads Carrie Carlson to the job offer of a lifetime, she’s determined to keep things professional. Working as personal publicist to Trevor Jantz won’t make that easy – especially since there’s a whole lot more to the cocky Texan than good looks and old money. 

Trevor Jantz is used to getting what he wants. And after spending one hot night with Carrie Carlson, the handsome CEO of Jantz Oil wants the beautiful California publicist back in his bed. He’ll do whatever it takes to get her there – even if that means putting his playboy ways behind him.

The perfect summer beach read: fun, flirty, and hot, hot, HOT!

What the Reviews Say

These two characters have sizzling chemistry between them. But will they let their pasts keep them apart? Without love and trust, they won’t be able to make a future for themselves. Are they willing to do what it takes to open their hearts?

Oh Man! A whirlwind of activities and events that keep you flipping page after page.

I LOVED the story and the pacing was perfect! Rarely does the pacing of the romance in the story get it exactly right…well, Harper Ashe succeeded in this case. The character of Carrie is strong, sassy, and perfectly paired with the steely, strength and tenderness of Trevor. Fabulous read from beginning to end!!!!

AMAZING! A fantastic, well written read. An intense storyline that holds your attention as you get caught up in the fierce twists and hot chemistry. Plenty of excitement and emotionally heartfelt. A thrilling must read.

Carrie Carlson gets a job of a lifetime with Billionaire Trevor Jantz if she can keep him at a distance. They have a wildly hot attraction but she doesn’t want to lose her job but he’s makes it hard to keep her hands off and playboy Trevor wants Carrie in his bed no matter what. Can Trevor change his ways to keep Carrie?


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