It turns out, I might not be the only one with a forbidden little secret.

It turns out, I might not be the only one with a forbidden little secret.

Our recommended read for today,
June, 11th, 2019.

All the tropes, all the growly af alpha goodness, all the over-the-top fun, and of course, WILDLY historically inaccurate. The Highlander’s Forbidden Bride is a fun, naughty read that’s full of forbidden romance.

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The Highlander’s Forbidden Bride

Being arranged to marry a Highlander lord is hardly uncommon. 
But when he happens to be gorgeous, powerful, dominant, and your best friend’s dad?
Well, that’s another story…

Lachlan McDougall is a lot of things: powerful, ruggedly handsome Highlander Lord, fierce ex-warrior, my soon-to-be-husband…

…And my best friend’s dad

I grew up in their castle, under his eye. But secretly, I’ve wanted him since before I even knew what the word meant. On the surface, I’m marrying him for political reasons: to stop a war and save his lands.

On the inside, though, binding myself to Lachlan McDougall is a fantasy I’ve dreamt a thousand times.

I know this is wrong, and a sin. But once I lose myself in those dark, piercing eyes, and once I feel his big, powerful hands on me, and once I taste those beautiful lips?

…Well, it turns out, I might not be the only one with a forbidden little secret.

In two days, I’ll be married to a man who I’ve married a hundred times, in my head. The man who’s taken me to bed ten times that number in my dreams. 

Twice my age, a scandal waiting to happen, and my best friend’s father.

…I’m in so much trouble.

What the Reviews Say

This author is known for a quick and steamy reads and this book does not disappoint! When the Lord Lachlan and Iona can’t hide their feelings anymore the chemistry explodes between them. Great addition to the series. I highly recommend this book!

Another hot read in this continuing and sizzling series, Kilts & Kisses. Lachlan is a tantalizing older man who knows what he wants. Iona is the young woman he desires. Little does he know she has also been fantasizing about him. In love you have to come to expect the unexpected.

Just because every detail may not be completely believable in the book, it does not keep the entertainment factor from being sky-high for me. I have always found a story by Madison Faye to very enjoyable, as characters are spirited while the plot is sexy and has me constantly captivated.

Another amazing sexy read that will have you glued too your kindle. Iona & Lord Lachlan are hot, sexy and forbidden. Their chemistry can’t be denied and both can’t hide their desires anymore.

If you like an over the top older alpha male and young sassy heroine this is for you. Lachlan has got 20 years on Iona but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her.


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