He drops EVERYTHING just to spend time with her… 💔

He drops EVERYTHING just to spend time with her…

Our recommended read for today,
June, 9th, 2019.

A sweet romance about a romance writer with a secret pen name and a chance encounter on a plane. Three Days will have you abandoning your own plans just to keep reading and see whether they find their happy ever after… and you won’t be disappointed!

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Three Days

While flying home, Kadie rushes to finish the latest Kurt McCarthy novel. When she does, her nosy seatmate, Paul, asks if she liked it. She claims it’s average at best and argues that McCarthy has lost his edge. Unbeknownst to her, her seatmate is Kurt McCarthy. Kurt McCarthy is Paul’s penname—a secret Paul doesn’t reveal.

Paul’s headed to Chicago for his first public reading—a sold out performance in which Kadie has a ticket. However, minutes before Paul takes the stage, Kadie calls and asks him to meet her for dinner. Paul abandons the reading and his 1500 fans.

Over the next three days, they fall in love. Paul never reveals he’s Kurt McCarthy, and he flies home promising Kadie he’ll return in two weeks. Unfortunately, an unexpected development unfolds, preventing him from returning. Can they reunite, or will the prospect of what might have been haunt them forever?


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