Are they destined to become adversaries, or can these opposites attract?

Are they destined to become adversaries, or can these opposites attract?

Our pick of Sweet and/or Clean Romance for today,
June, 6th, 2019.

A wonderful, sweet romance from Christie Logan is today’s recommendation for your Sweet Romance read. The Buttoned-Up Billionaire is the charming second standalone in the Billionaire Pact series. Don’t miss!

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The Buttoned-Up Billionaire: A Sweet Billionaire Romance

He’s a billionaire whose wealth and power were determined from birth. She’s a free spirit whose life can fit in a rucksack. Are they destined to become adversaries, or can these opposites attract?

Bradley Richter has taken his pre-ordained place in the family’s business without complaint but being part of the Richter dynasty hasn’t made him happy. Something’s missing. There’s more to life than possessions and power. And more to his identity than a briefcase and three-piece suit.

Iris di Leo has never stayed in one place long enough to set down roots or get too close to anyone. Life taught her to protect herself. But when a big corporation wants to develop the parcel of wilderness she loves, she must break her own rules to fight for what she believes in.

Can they look beyond their differences to find love or are their worlds too far apart for them ever to bridge the gap?

What the Reviews Say

The Buttoned-Up Billionaire was a fast-paced, easy to read, sweet romance. Even though it is part of a series, it stands perfectly fine on its own. I enjoyed the unconventional heroine and banter between the main characters. I tend to avoid billionaire type stories but I enjoyed this one as the hero was very down to earth and was looking for more than a superficial relationship.

I truly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the fact that this isn’t your typical billionaire story. It was a fast enjoyable read. I also like that this isn’t your typical pairing.

This book was beautiful in a unique way. It had characters that were very different from the typical cast of a romantic narrative. Yet, somehow these characters are identifiable and endearing. This is a read filled with warmth and strength.

There is plenty of laughs, sorrow, self reflection, strong attraction and some surprises that make this a great read and I can not wait for the next in the series!

This is a sweet and clean romance with a great deal of heart. The story had my full attention within the first few pages. This is not the same-old billionaire romance trope. This is a very good story that has little to do with opulent wealth. It has a lot more to do with finding oneself, forgiving oneself and living life as you want to live it. I was very pleased with the story.


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