“Just fake it for a night,” he said.

Now there’s a surprise gift neither of us expected.

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
May, 22nd, 2019.

It might have been a one-night thing, but there’s a lot more to it that that! Surprise Gift is a billionaire boss, secret baby romance that will tick all those naughty boxes and leave you sighing from the beautiful hea. Not to be missed!

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Surprise Gift

Dear Arrogant Elitist Jerk, I QUIT.  

My billionaire boss is a Type A control freak. 
And the thing he wants to control most is me. 
Cocky and infuriating all wrapped up in one gorgeous package.
If only I could forget our one-night fling…

Then one day my title changed. 
From secretary to Henry Clyburne’s fiancée. 
“Just fake it for a night”, he said. 
I played the part. 
And got caught up in the moment. 
If only I was more responsible.  

Now there’s a surprise gift neither of us expected. 
Let me send my resignation in before things get worse. 

What the Reviews Say

Excellent contemporary billionaire romance with intrigue and suspense. Naomi came into his life and Sent it into a whirlwind. Henry is gruff, demanding and cold at times. The characters were awesome as was the storyline. It keeps the reader turning pages to see where the story goes especially with all the dramas.

I really enjoy books written by R. R. Banks. The characters are interesting, well-developed and have chemistry., The story is interesting, well-written with a happily ever after.

This story gives youa little of everything. You will laugh, cry and scream at the book. There are times you will be hanging on for dear life going, oh no don’t do that to me. Next you will be jumping for joy. This is a genuine rollercoaster ride with lots of action, drama, and love. So sit back and grab a drink because you will not want to put the book down.

I truly enjoyed this story because there was no rushing around to have the couple hop into bed, you actually got information about each character first.

Naomi’s hell is just beginning. She loses her job as a waitress and is hired at an investment firm by Henry. Henry has a lot of baggage. The story has a bit of drama, some scary parts, a bit of steam, parts that made me laugh and parts that were heartbreaking. I wanted to hug her nephew, Toby, and do whatever I could to break through his shell. Henry’s interactions with Toby were heartwarming and the epilogue tied the story up beautifully.


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