He’s fierce, brilliant, and totally gorgeous. I think I’m in trouble…

He’s fierce, brilliant, and totally gorgeous. I think I’m in trouble…

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May, 30th, 2019.

Don’t miss Interview with a Daddy, the latest release by Kelli Callahan. Get ready to meet Alexio Hawkins. He’ll have you out of your panties before you realize he’s holding them — and you’re going to love calling him Daddy. You might even fall in love…

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Interview with a Daddy (Once Upon a Daddy Book 4)

I just got the interview of a lifetime…

Alexio Hawkins is the man I’ve always wanted to work for.
He’s fierce, brilliant, and totally gorgeous.
Not that the last part has anything to do with it…
Okay, maybe just a little.

Then something went horribly wrong…

I thought I was interviewing for a job.
He was interviewing me for something else entirely.
I realized that the moment he said I was going to call him Daddy.
And now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I think I’m in trouble…

What the Reviews Say

Instead of just wham bam, they went on dates and slowly eased into the Dom bit. This works better because, of course, she’s a VCard. And both of them equally change their boundaries and needs. So, recommend for a more mature read. You know. Where grownups talk and communicate in and out of bed. Highly recommended.

This is another fantastic story. I love reading anything by Kelli Callahan. The stories are always well written and have great character development. I was swept into the story from the first page and didn’t want it to end.

This is the best entry in the series by far. Five stars. I hope the author continues to explore the daddy-dom dynamic in future works.

Oh my what an amazing read with steam steam steam and a great read with a Dom and Sub relationship. I LOVED these two and they may be my favorite characters from the Daddy series. I LOVED the story and how everything was handled and played out, I LOVED what happens when Faith makes her decision near the end, and I LOVED how Alexio handled it and I LOVED how they both worked it out and I LOVED how Faith didn’t give anything up for Alexio and I LOVED what happens at the end and where they ended up. It’s safe to say I LOVED everything about this read.

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and their story. This book starts with a misunderstanding and ends in a. HEA. An innocent but strong independent young woman,and a jaded alpha daddy dom come together thru a strange set of events and find love. Well worth your time to read.


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