Her Cocky Cowboys (Men of Montana Book 1)

Her Cocky Cowboys (Men of Montana Book 1) by Roma James
Her Cocky Cowboys (Men of Montana Book 1) by Roma James

My world finally felt balanced again—until two smokin’-hot cowboys rode in and flipped everything upside down.

After a tragedy derailed my future and sent me back home to the family ranch, I settled into my new life. It wasn’t the grand adventure I’d envisioned, but it was something. It was enough.

Until Boone Tate and Cade Winslow sauntered in with their work-worn boots and their vows to keep me safe from the anonymous intruder threatening me and my animals.

They’re so different—Cade with his cocky grin and mile-wide streak of mischief; Boone with his quiet warmth and fierce protectiveness.

These two are men—and they’re just what I want. What I need. Even if they are older than me.

But it’s not all sunsets and trail rides. I still don’t know who’s targeting my ranch. I still don’t know how Boone and Cade really feel about making this thing between the three of us more than a fling.

One thing I do know, though? This is going to be one hell of a ride.

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