I guess I should keep this baby a secret – even from the father.

I guess I should keep this baby a secret – even from the father.

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
June, 5th 2019.

Forbidden romance, hidden meetings and a even bigger secret… a baby. If you’re looking to read sensational, drama-filled romance that will probably melt your ereader, then look no further than Baby by Mistake.

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Baby by Mistake

Royal a$$h0le, daddy’s best friend, and also my new boss.

But how on earth did we end up making a baby?

Was it just a mistake?

Well, let’s go back a few years.

I was innocent and naïve.

He was off limits.

But that was the challenge, right?

Finally, I seduced him into a no strings attached relationship.

Yep, I’m the s$xy kind of innocent.

And then that one mistake…

Oops, daddy’s gonna kill him if he finds out.

And the board is going to fire him for sleeping with an intern.

I guess I should keep this baby a secret – even from the father.

Wasn’t this supposed to be no strings attached?

Oh well…how many pieces can a heart break into!

What the Reviews Say

It seems each book by Victoria Snow is hotter than the last. Holly hell, I am surprised my Kindle didn’t explode while I read this book.

Leah and Sebastian are going to rock your reader. Very well crafted. Victoria knows how to wave her magic words around.

This story’s definitely full of strong-minded personalities but what I did love about it was that it went on about the idea of love finds age irrelevant.

There is a hot chemistry between Sebastian and Leah, but he doesn’t want to act on it because she is his best friend’s daughter, but also because of the age difference. Will he fight for true love, no matter what the cost?

Wow! One spiraling vortex of surprising circumstances and inadvertent happenstance compel all of those spinning emotions bursting into play perfectly.


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