If only I hadn’t been captured on market night…

If only I hadn’t been captured on market night…

Our pick of Very Naughty Reads for today,
June, 3rd, 2019.

Get ready for some dark, naughty and sensational romance! Primal Possession is the latest must-read from Tabitha Black and the first in her brand new series, Alphas of Sandor. Not to be missed.

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Primal Possession

If only I hadn’t been captured on market night…

Despite being born an Omega, I refused to spend my life in a facility, waiting for a suitable Alpha to claim me as his. Instead, with the help of my family, I broke the law, hiding among the Betas, trying to live a normal life.

It worked for five long years…

… until I was caught.

Now I’ve been chosen by Arius, the second most powerful Alpha in Sandor. The moment my scent reached him, overcome by the rut, he had to take me. As his mate, I can have anything my heart desires – anything he has the power to give.

The only thing I don’t have is a choice.

Publisher’s Note: This dark MF Omegaverse romance contains elements of power exchange and explicit scenes which may trigger some readers.

What the Reviews Say

This is omegaverse, if you hadn’t noticed, and that means lots of very hot and heavy sexual encounters with copious amounts of slick and several alpha knots. Phewy I either had several menopausal hot flushes or this book was seriously steamy, yet the scenes were neither gratuitous nor excessive.

I love the connection between Saskia and Arius. It develops quickly, but it’s still very deep and very strong. I thought that Arius was a pretty good guy, who was occasionally blinded by certain things, but he still tried to do what was right and what was best. I think because of that, he was surprised when the rest of the world didn’t react the way that he thought that it should.

I absolutely loved my first foray into Omegaverse!! I love the power struggles between Saskia and Arius. She is not going to accept her lot in life without protest. I am hoping that this couple will make appearances throughout this series. Great start to the series!!!

Loved this omegaverse novel! I truly enjoyed this Alpha/omega novel. I love an alpha that is all male, dominant, growly but can also be a caring, responsible, protective alpha. Enough excitement in their meeting and initial relationship, just enough angst and twists and turns along with a growing relationship where the H/h mature together.

Primal Possession is one of most romantic Omegaverse stories I’ve ever read. Most books using this structure focus on the fundamental and overwhelming physical lure that the omega and alpha have for one another rather than building an emotional attachment between them. Primal Possession doesn’t go down that path.


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