Ava and Justin have to choose. Is love real, or make believe?

Ava and Justin have to choose. Is love real, or make believe?

Our pick of Sweet and/or Clean Romance for today,
May, 30th, 2019.

A wonderful, clean romance for you to enjoy today. The Producer’s Unlikely Bride will have you cheering for Justin and Ava, laughing out loud, and swooning at the ending. Warning: Don’t starting reading before bedtime if you need to be up early… you’ll end up staying up all night just to keep on reading!

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The Producer’s Unlikely Bride

He’s given up on love. She’s a romance writer. When they are thrown together, will love bloom or sparks fly?

Justin Miller is one of the producers and host of the reality dating show Who Wants To Marry a Cowboy, but he’s tired of helping others find love. He’s tired of love in general. Why can’t it just be a little business arrangement, like everything else in his life? His business partner sends him on a little vacation to clear his head, and cheer him up. It was just supposed to be a week at a cottage on the beach. Until he meets Ava.

Romance writer Ava McDermott believes in love even though she has yet to find the one for her. However, after struggling with her current book, she decides to take a few days off and recharge at a cottage by the sea. She expected some time alone, but when a strange man shows up, she finds herself in a romance of her own.

What the Reviews Say

This romance book will make you laugh, cry, and rejoice. A little bit of drama is mixed in as well. There is a spiritual message too. Absolutely loved it! Everything a romance book needs to keep the reader flipping pages till the early morning hours.

He has to learn to trust another woman again. She has to learn that real romance is not a fairy tale and you have to work at it every day. Margie the matchmaker was a riot. I thought it was funny that they both liked Code Red Mountain Dew. There was plenty of humor, romance, and some sad moments in this story.

This is a fun read and very modern in it’s scope. I enjoyed the book and the main characters. It was a fun and clean read and an entertaining read. Lots of fun and surprises.

I loved this book! It was so sweet while being realistic at the same time. I loved the characters and adored Margie. The couple are definitely opposites but they complement each other well. You don’t need to read the other books in this series to understand this book but the ones I’ve read are really good to so…why not?!

What a fun, clean romance about a matchmaker being told from above to double book her cottage, A Slice of Tranquility so the two people staying their will fall in love by the beautiful ocean. I enjoyed the two main characters a lot.

About the Author

Best selling author Lorana Hoopes is the author of both Christian romances and Children’s early readers. She is originally from Texas but now lives in the PNW with her husband and three kids. Many of her books are set in Texas, close to her roots, and her Wishing Stone books are based on her three children. 

Her Wishing Stone books have been picked up by several schools and used as a summer reading book. They employ a glossary of challenging words and a resource list at the end so children can do additional research. She will be adding a Christian line to the Wishing Stone series soon. 

Her first series, The Heartbeats series, focuses on the sanctity of life. Though romances, they aren’t your traditional romances and lean close to Women’s Fiction. This series includes Where It All Began, The Power of Prayer, When Hearts Collide, and A Past Forgiven.


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