I gave up hope until I walked into his castle… And he gave me an unforgettable night.

I gave up hope until I walked into his castle… And he gave me an unforgettable night.

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May, 29th, 2019.

Get whisked off into a wonderful romance that’s the perfect adult fairy-tale with today’s book: The Prince and I. Can love prevail when tragedy strikes? And will you ever read a happy ever after as swoon-worthy?

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The Prince and I

The Enchanted Masked Ball, the biggest event of the year. 
A magical night and anything could happen. 
I could even meet Prince Charming. 
Like I said, anything is possible. 
When a tall and chiseled masked stranger approached me, I was mesmerized. 

“Tonight, I want to be by your side”.

We danced and he stole a kiss. 
It should have been one of the best nights of my life. 
Instead it was a tragic one. 
I was forced to run from the ball. To leave him and everything behind. 
Months later, I gave up hope of ever meeting Mr. Right again. 
Til I walked into his castle. And he gave me an unforgettable night. 
Prince Luca wants me to stay, but we’re from completely different worlds. 
How could we ever make this work? 
With his heir on the way, I guess we’re about to find out…

What the Reviews Say

I devoured this book! It was interesting, had a strong family connection with wonderful relationships that rose above drama filled events. The characters are each very different and bring life to the pages in the book. This was reminiscent of Cinderella but with its own special twist. A wonderful love story between Luca and Rosie.

A sweet and HOT retelling of the Cinderella story, complete with horrible stepmother and cruel stepsisters. Rosie meets Luca at a masquerade ball and they share an immediate connection. An emergency phone call at midnight sends Rosie running from her prince without exchanging any information beyond first names.

This book was also fantastic and had drama, steam, danger, friendship, love, royals and a fabulous HEA. I hope some of these characters will show up again in another book.

What an amazing love story, if you love fairytales then you are in for a treat, a modern-day tale of Cinderella to get you all hot and bothered. A beautiful girl, a prince, an evil step-mother and step-sisters to boot, tie that along with a slimy boss and you have an outstanding story you won’t put down.

R.S. Lively created a magical spin about Prince Luca & Rosie meeting at a masked ball. Their attraction for each other is electrifying & immediate. Rosie’s life isn’t so rosy with danger lurking around her. Prince Luca is every girl’s dream & Rosie has her happily ever after but not without having to overcome the trouble thrown her way. I’ve read some novels based on Cinderella’s theme but this one is the best one I’ve read. This version will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride where you’ll want to keep reading it & won’t want to put it down until it’s the end. I highly recommend this book.


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