She’s the definition of off-limits: young, royal, innocent, and…

She’s the definition of off-limits: young, royal, innocent, and…

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May, 28th, 2019.

There’s nothing like a royal romance! But Queen Sized is more than just that. Sometimes you just can’t help who you fall for, regardless of the consequences… even if falling for the beast could cost her the throne. As always with Madison Faye, you’re in for a naughty, thrilling read.

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Queen Sized

She’s a curvy, royal beauty. I’m a savage, commoner beast.
I’m no King, but I’ve got a big staff and a thick crown – all for her, and fit for a Queen.

As the Captain of the Royal Guard, duty has always come first. Duty, honor, and a fierce loyalty to King and Kingdom. But, that’s before she comes falling into my world and into my arms.


Queen Alessia is all woman. Curves for days, built for sin, and soft, pouty lips that I’m dying to taste. She’s also the definition of off-limits: young, royal, innocent, and engaged for political reasons to a man who doesn’t deserve her.

She’s also never been touched. But then, neither have I.

A life spent training as an underground fighter and then a soldier means there’s never been a woman before her. Not ever. But Queen Alessia will be my first, she’ll be my only, and she’ll be my last.

She makes me lose control and break every single one of my rules. And today, I’m going to break my vows as a soldier. Guard her and watch her while she marries another man?

Screw that.

Queen Alessia’s been mine since the moment she fell into my world. And today, I’m going to remind of that, if it’s the last thing I do.

What the Reviews Say

Alessia and Oren can’t keep their hands off each other but the wedding gets moved up. Alessia’ s king to be threatens Oren if he steps in and stops the wedding. With a very weird and unexpected twist, will Alessia get to keep the crown and marry the man of her dreams or will she have to give up her crown for love?

Queen Sized by Madison Faye is soooooooooooo incredibly romantic, sweeping, hot, and has a HUGE surprise ending that had me laughing with pleasure!!!!! This story is the BEST!!!! Of course, Madison Faye NEVER disappoints!!

The Royally Screwed series is rounding out with the standalone novella, book seven and omg! y’all, this one was a hot and forbidden little number that left me squirming in my seat. Sexy. Sweet. Swoony. Unputdownable. Unforgettable in the best kinds of ways…

Madison Faye has out done herself again with this hot and sexy as hell super fast read. If your looking for a fast read that’s over the top with yumminess, then this book is for you. Actually, anything that Madison Faye writes is for you. Highly recommend you grab up “Queen Sized a Royally Screwed book, #7 in the series”…… you won’t be disappointed!

While attending an event in another realm, she falls and is caught by Oren, their Captain of the Royal Guard. He falls too….head over heels for her, though he has no idea who she is. She is betrothed to Brian and both need the other for political purposes. The surprises are nonstop and unexpected. The ending for this story was deeply satisfying and I still have a smile on my face as I write this!!!!! EXCELLENT STORY!!!!!!


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