Our marriage may be fake, but my commitment to keep her safe couldn’t be more real.

Our marriage may be fake, but my commitment to keep her safe couldn’t be more real.

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May, 26th, 2019.

Drama, suspense, and most of all, sensational heat! Protecting Sasha is a thrilling, fake marriage romance that will have you gripped from beginning to end. 

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Protecting Sasha

The Russian mob is after my best friend’s sis and it’s up to me to protect her.
Marrying Sasha is the quickest way to bring her to the US.
She’ll be my fake wife and I’ll do her brother a solid.

Except, the night I meet Sasha is the night that changes everything. 
She’s unlike any woman I know…
Her exotic beauty and delicious curves make me want to share not only my last name but also my bed with her. 
I need to taste her, touch her and make her mine.
When the mob comes after us, I have a real reason to teach them a lesson.
They have no idea who the h*ll they’re messing with. 

Our marriage may be fake, but my commitment to keep Sasha safe couldn’t be more real.

What the Reviews Say

This was an interesting, entertaining, captivating, suspense filled drama, intrigue, action angst, passion, and a few twists that have you turning page after page.

OMG! Wow! Man, talk about a spinning vortex. Natasha nails this baby 100% on point realism that rocks this gem to the core. A throng of startling mishaps and unforeseen events hurls all of those churning emotions bursting forward in this blazing storyline and gripping plot.

Can Pierce protect the woman he has fallen in love in time? This is story is filled with drama, passion and suspense. This is a fast paced read which I highly recommend.

I really liked this story about the Russian mafia, a fake marriage between Sasha and her brothers best friend Pierce and Sasha’s ex. This is very well written, moves quickly, lots of angst, really bad guys and just maybe some real love!!!! I really loved this book and recommend it to everyone.

Sasha breaking it off with her boyfriend is the wrong move for her as he’s in the Russian Mafia and it soon becomes dangerous for her, her brother has the idea of a fake marriage between his best friend Pierce and Sasha, but it soon seems they want the marriage to be real, a fab Fake Marriage romance that’s well written and has a good storyline with great characters with hot chemistry, with drama, action a some steam and hooks you from the beginning.


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