Warning: this is not a neat, tidy, little love story.

Warning: this is not a neat, tidy, little love story.

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
May, 25th, 2019.

Good girls beware, Maxim isn’t the kind of guy you bring home to meet the family… not just becuase he’s an alpha brute but especially because he’s somehow already married to your sister! Forbidden, hot-hot-hot and naughty. Satisfaction guaranteed 😉

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MAXIM: BWWM Russian Mafia Romance 

(Red Bratva Billionaires Book 1)

Warning: this is not a neat, tidy, little love story.

This is messy. 
This is ratchet.
Girl meets fierce Russian. 
Girl falls for fierce Russian.
But there’s only one little problem.
The man of her dreams is already married.
And it gets even worse…
To her sister.
Is there any chance that this love story will end with a happily ever after?

Maxim is a steamy, stand-alone, Russian mafia romance. It is not appropriate for readers under 18 due to sizzling HAWT love scenes!

What the Reviews Say

I just loved this crazy story with all the ups and downs that Katrina went through in her mind. What she and Maxim was doing was so wrong, he is her sister husband and they just can not have feeling for one another. But the attraction is so deep…

This forbidden romance was lusty, passionate and full of steam.

I have to hand it to Coco. This Book had me ready to through a sheer fire conniption fit. Because everything is not what it seems, there’s always a twist. I just couldn’t put this down until I had read all the way through. AND SO WILL YOU.

Exceptional! This is one wild ride! An extremely entertaining, well written, captivating and interesting sexy read.

Trina goes home to spend the summer with her mother and sister. Her sister’s new husband, Maxim is also there. He is handsome, aggressive, sexy and totally off limits. Too bad Maxim and Trina’s body don’t agree. Grab this wonderful book today and find out what happens when these two can’t stay away from each other.


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