Get ready: it’s going to be a wild ride!

A band of bad ass bikers living life on their own terms…

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May, 23rd, 2019.

Friends, you are in for a ripped, badass treat today! The Mountain Misfits MC: Complete Box Set is full of biker goodness for you to enjoy. Give in to the ultimate bad boy bikers and enjoy as they lose their minds over the women they fall for. Caution: very, very hot! 😉

Grab your copy today for just 99c or FREE on KU! (Regular price: $9.99!)


Mountain Misfits MC: Complete Box Set

Meet the Mountain Misfits: a band of bad ass bikers living life on their own terms deep in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

These are the stories of Gavin, Brooks, Tank & Red, Goob, Micah and the wild women who win their hearts.

There’s steam, violence, and twists and turns… get your tissues ready and make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder, because it’s going to be a wild ride!

This box set includes all six books in the Mountain Misfits MC series, as well as the Prequel Novella.


What the Reviews Say

This is a box set that really is worth buying, at least if you like romance with lots of +18 scenes, some +21 scenes, lots of violence, lots of love, lots of different kinds of excitements, there were tears dripping down on occasion (I am a total wuss, but… ) with some increased heart rate and lots of everything else that makes a story just a really good one.

Gritty, relatable characters come to life in this very engaging series by Deva Ross. Well-developed plots in each tale makes for a wild roller coaster ride guaranteed to hit all of the reader’s “Feels” buttons!

There are hard times, good time, there is violence and there is abuse but when the end of each story comes, there is love, understanding and life with the person they are supposed to be with. The women give as much to their men as they do to them, it is like two pieces of the puzzle that finally fit together and can live, be happy, content and just love every single day.

Let me say, the ride to each HEA is rough, and fraught with plenty of twists turns, but you will love riding along with Deja Voss and the Mountain Misfits MC. These stories offer plenty of sizzle in the romance department but keep you focused on the fast moving plot. 5 Stars for the entire series.

The men in this book are hardcore and to the point, they represent a brotherhood that little of us know about, they are true to self, true to each other and would do anything for one another. When the women in their lives show up, they have been through a lot in each of their lives but these men step up, welcome them, treat them with respect, love them, show them how they are supposed to be treated, love them unconditionally and stand by each and every thing they desire.


Coming soon! Judas: Indignant Few MC Book 1

No bikers ever, that’s my one rule to live by.

Burning bridges to the ground is my super power. 

I fled the Indignant Few MC after my dad was murdered to start a life of my own in the adult industry. I’d rather sell my body on the internet then sell my soul to the kind of men I was raised around. I don’t want to end up a club slut, or worse, an old lady like my mother.

All these years later, I still haven’t forgot one man I left behind. His face haunts my dreams. The mention of his name stops my heart from beating.

He’s never had a fighting chance at a decent life. Something about him scares me. Maybe it’s the things he does for the club without so much as blinking an eye. Maybe it’s the fact that when I’m with him, all the rules go out the window.

Apparently he never forgot about me, either.

His name is Judas.

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