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May, 17th, 2019.

Training Sasha (Club Zodiac Book 1)

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His friend’s little sister…
Sasha Easton has had her eye on Lincoln Walsh—the owner of Club Zodiac—for five years. Unfortunately, he does nothing but scowl at her and reject her every shy advance.

She’s not right for him…
Lincoln doesn’t have a choice but to discourage Sasha because the truth is that he’s a sadist. And Sasha is no masochist. No matter how much he might want her in his bed, he can’t change the type of Dom he is.

She’s not as innocent as he thinks…
Determined to get Lincoln to see her as more than his business partner’s little sister, Sasha delivers an ultimatum—let her join Club Zodiac or she’ll explore her submission elsewhere.

Can he train her and let her go?
Watching the only woman he’s ever wanted play with another Dom is more than Lincoln can bear, so he finds himself agreeing to train her himself.

🔥 Heat Level 5

Accidentally in Love

There is only room for one love in my life.

Saving lives.

All of that changes when a family tragedy calls me back to my small town.

I thought I’d be in and out, but the girl of my dreams stops me in my tracks.

She has a rough past, and she’s not looking for love.

But the thrill of fighting fires pales in comparison to fighting for her.

It doesn’t matter who I have to go through to win her over.

One way or another, I’ll make her mine.

Even if she sees it as an accident.

♨️ Heat Level 4

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♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
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Together, two outlaw bikers watch over the boss’s daughter. But guard duty’s not all they want to share…

As longtime members of the Destroyers, our titles are far less important than our loyalty to each other and our brothers. Riding with the Club is everything. After tensions rise between us and our rivals one town over, our founder Prez asks us to tail his daughter Sky to keep her safe. It’s no skin off our backs. She’s part of the family.

Except the boss’s kid is all grown up. In all the right ways.

Sky’s no longer just a child working at the bakery—she’s a stunning young woman who could befriend a stranger and sell them a crate full of cupcakes on her smiles alone. Suddenly, our daily assignments have turned from a babysitting gig into sweet, delicious torture.

We both know Sky is the one girl completely off-limits… but that doesn’t stop fantasies of her delectable body from driving us crazy.

When our enemies invade our town and target Sky to hurt the boss, we’ll do anything to keep her safe and to hunt down the thugs responsible. No more fighting temptation. We’ll protect what’s ours.

And we’ll claim her—together.
🔥 Heat Level 5

Distinguished Daddy (Once Upon a Daddy Book 3)

How could I possibly resist one night with the hottest Daddy alive?

Walker Delaney is a soap opera legend.
He turns every head when he walks down the street.
He’s distinguished, bold, and hot-as-sin.
They even put him on the cover of Oh Daddy! Magazine.

Most women have a secret fantasy or two about him, and I’m no exception.

I thought I was seeing things when I walked into that bar.
But it was no illusion; it was really him.
He offered to buy me a drink, and well…
I guess you could say I was smitten at first sight.

Don’t judge me.
Just look at him.
You would do the exact same thing.

I knew it was only one night, but I made the mistake of falling in love…

🔥 Heat Level 5

Love Again

He’s my billionaire boss, but it’s only temporary.

Dark hair, chiseled good looks, and a body straight out of a fantasy.
He wants what he wants, when he wants it.
I’m here to organize him, get him to stick to a schedule as he expands his company.
There’s no system I can use to keep this strictly professional.
Caden is powerful. Impressive. Intense.
Maybe I don’t want time to run out.
Maybe being his assistant isn’t the only position I’ve imagined.
Ever since I had my daughter, I don’t rely on any man.
They’re only good for one night.
I’m not looking for a relationship.
He’s not the kind of man who would settle for less than everything he wants.
Caden wants all of me.
Body and soul.

I could tell him no, but when he touches me, all I want to do is scream YES.

🔥 Heat Level 5

Daddy’s MEGA TABOO collection

(80 books from Horny House Series)

The Man of the House is deviant, and his Little Brats and Princesses are not going to get away from him. He’s conquering every last one in this MEGA bundle of 80 stories, so make sure you pick it up now before he changes his mind and locks you out of his dirty mind. A man could get in trouble thinking like this.

Check out the inside flap for the titles to all 80 stories!

🔥 Heat Level 5


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