My mysterious V-Card auction winner also happens to be my best friend’s dad.

My mysterious V-Card auction winner also happens to be my best friend’s dad.

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May, 14th, 2019.

Love your romance with a healthy dose of off-limits, forbidden, and wrong in the right kind of way? Well buckle up and hang on tight, because Cherry Pie will take you for one wild ride. Hot as sin and sweet as, well, pie ;).

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Cherry Pie

Having a crush on your best friend’s hot dad is perfectly normal.
Accidentally selling him your v-card in an exclusive, illicit online auction? Yeah, not so normal.

I’ve had a crush on Marshall Bane – “Mr. B” – since I first knew what a crush was. I mean, the man checks every single box: gorgeous, dominant, richer than sin, and built like a Greek god. 

…He also happens to be my best friend’s dad.

When dire financial straits force me to put my v-card up for auction at an exclusive club, I know it’s a terrible idea. But, I’m out of options, and a million dollars is a million dollars, right?

Except, my mysterious auction winner?

Marshall Bane.

Totally beautiful, totally forbidden, totally more than twice my age, totally-has-had-me-twisted-up-tangled-up-and-aching-for-him for years Marshall Bane. 

This is forbidden. It’s inappropriate. It’s damn-near breaking the law. 

Selling my v-card to my best friend’s dad is so wrong. But you know what’s worse?

…Being this excited for him to collect.

What the Reviews Say

Deliciously hot and steamy read of an older man younger woman. Marshall and Kendall’s chemistry is off the charts H-O-T! When the two finally come together there are fireworks.

Their chemistry and tension could be cut with a knife and I loved that the taboo nature of their relationship just made things even steamier. Some of the background drama was pretty exciting, too! I enjoyed reading this book and always love my insta-lust, insta-love fix I get with Ms. Faye’s books!

Cherry Pie is sexy and illicit fun! Madison Faye gives another titillating story that turns up the heat to the highest point. Marshall and Kendall’s story is red hot. Auctions, virginity, steamy sex, older man younger woman relationship and so much more packed in this novella. This book was sensual, intriguing, taboo, exciting and erotic. I loved Cherry Pie and wanted more. This is a must read for forbidden romance lovers.

Sexy, hot forbidden love that will have you glued to your kindle. Marshall and Kendall are scorching hot together. If you like best friends dad romance then you need too read Cherry Pie. Another great read by Madison that I’m sure everyone will like.

Phew, this book was very steamy, with a lot of tension, chemistry, and a bit of drama. Marshall and Kendall absolutely lit up the pages of my reader and I really enjoyed their romance. Kendall was brave and bold, and I loved that once the truth was revealed, she wasn’t afraid to go after exactly what she wanted! Marshall was caring and naughty, and I loved that delightful dichotomy of his character.


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