I could tell him no, but when he touches me, all I want to do is scream YES.

I could tell him no, but when he touches me, all I want to do is scream YES.

Our recommended read for today,
May, 11th, 2019.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy a little escape from reality. So jump into the pages and let’s take a trip to naughty town with Love Again. You’ll get to meet feisty heroines and the super sexy alpha males that adore them. The chemistry might melt your Kindle, but the guaranteed HEA will melt your heart.

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Love Again

He’s my billionaire boss, but it’s only temporary.

Dark hair, chiseled good looks, and a body straight out of a fantasy.
He wants what he wants, when he wants it.
I’m here to organize him, get him to stick to a schedule as he expands his company.
There’s no system I can use to keep this strictly professional. 
Caden is powerful. Impressive. Intense.
Maybe I don’t want time to run out. 
Maybe being his assistant isn’t the only position I’ve imagined.
Ever since I had my daughter, I don’t rely on any man. 
They’re only good for one night. 
I’m not looking for a relationship. 
He’s not the kind of man who would settle for less than everything he wants.
Caden wants all of me. 
Body and soul.

I could tell him no, but when he touches me, all I want to do is scream YES.

What the Reviews Say

What a great job Annie Rose did with this book. The characters are so realistic and full of emotion. This story will take you on an emotional roller coaster as they both deal with past hurts, insecurities and trauma. As they break down the walls they’ve built up it a joy to see them reclaim love and joy in their lives. A special story.

Annie has done it again. This book is so well written and immersive, I couldn’t put it down. Caden and Grace had incredible chemistry and I was completely taken in to the story. I love single mom stories but I would recommend this book for all romance lovers.

A good read with steam which I enjoyed. A good read with an adorable little girl, a devoted mom and a great man.

Are you looking for a story that will pull at your heartstrings, but give you that romance and a little twist? This is it. This is a sweet second chance at love relationship. You’ll love the characters, especially Ella.

Although you can guess what’s going to happen, there is no way you’ll be able to imagine how adroitly Ms. Rose takes you up, down, and all around as the business and relationship grow. Great characters and an intriguing story make for a delightful read.


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