Only Duty, Responsibility and Family matter… until she walks back into my life.

Only Duty, Responsibility and Family matter… until she walks back into my life.

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
May, 9th, 2019.

Intense, raw, and powerfully emotive romance. Saving Beth is a wonderful second chance mafia bad boy romance that will leave you breathless in all the right ways!

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Saving Beth

She’s the one that got away… ten years ago.

I am the head of the Diorno famiglia,
Duty. Responsibility. And above all, Family.
These are the only things that matter to me.
Nothing else. Nothing and no one.

That is, until she walks back into my life.

Blue eyes, luscious lips, and devastating curves.
She tells me that I mean nothing to her.
Looks at me like I’m a mere stranger.

But her eyes tell me a different story.
They beg for me to claim her.
To save her.

She’s trying to track down a serial killer.
Her life is at risk.
And now, Beth is not just the love of my life.

She’s also carrying our baby.

I’d be damned if I let anyone lay a hand on either of them.

What the Reviews Say

I totally enjoyed this intense and emotional read. The pull of attraction was so strong between Aiden and Beth. Their chemistry was steamy and and their emotional connection easy to feel. The story is both entertaining and engaging. Offering a compelling blend of suspense, danger, emotional turmoil, drama, tension and sizzling scenes. A great read that will keep you on edge and heat up your Kindle. So good!

Beth is on a mission to find her sister that leads her to a former lover Aiden. Aiden is a boss now…a mob boss!! I was completely satisfied with the story, loved the characters and when Katy writes more suspenseful romance, I’ll be there with reader in hand to enjoy it.

This story is packed with so much suspense that it will keep you at the edge of your seat. Will highly recommend reading it!

Beth is on a mission to find her sister which leads her to Aiden her old high school sweetheart and brings up so many memories. His life has changed and his position in the Mafia gives him access to give the help needed, but will Beth take it? The chemistry between them is off the charts smoldering hot and explosive and now Beth needs to figure out what to do about it. Loved this book, highly recommend it.

If you like Mafia based romances, this well crafted romance is the one to read. Well written, fast paced, filled with suspense, intrigue, and drama. Raw and gritty but not gory and overly dark.


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