Can’t find Mr. Right? Well, here’s TWO! ??


We love a sexy billionaire but we love two of them even more! We couldn’t just pick one of these fantastic guys from Sophie Brooks’ Finding Mr. Right series, so we’re suggesting both Mr. Right Stuff and Mr. Right Touch.

Today, they’re available for 99c each or FREE on KU. Read ’em both – you’ll see exactly why we couldn’t decide which one we loved more!



Mr. Right Stuff: A Fake Fiancé Office Romance (Finding Mr. Right Book 1)

Yesterday, I gave my two weeks’ notice. Today, I’m engaged to the CEO. How the hell did that happen?

Ethan Grant is the textbook definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He’s smart and talented too, but there is one downside. He’s obviously insane. There’s no other explanation for what happened today. His grandfather, the president of Grant Industries, mistakenly thought we were engaged, and Ethan went along with it. Even crazier, he somehow convinced me to play along, too.

Now, I have to pretend to be his fiancée long enough for him to gain control of the family corporation. Then we stage a breakup, call off the wedding, and I walk away with my dream of traveling the world fully paid for.

I have to admit, this fake engagement comes with definite perks. Ethan was born to wear custom-made Italian suits. He can make me laugh one moment and make my panties melt the next. Before long, I feel like I’ve known him my whole life.

But to him, this is just a business transaction. Only a fool would fall in love with a fake fiancé, right? Luckily, I’m no fool.

Or at least I wasn’t before I met Ethan…



Mr. Right Touch: A Billionaire Boss Office Romance (Finding Mr. Right Book 2)

My new boss is smart, funny, and devilishly handsome. Working for him should be a dream come trueso how did it end up a nightmare?

Billionaire CEO Seth Spencer has been my tech-celebrity crush ever since his company took the world by storm. I’ve read every article about him. Watched every press conference and sighed over every picture of the ridiculously hot genius.

When I heard Seth-Tech was hiring a copywriter, I never expected to end up face to face with the man of my dreams. But stammering through the whole interview? That’s pretty much the story of my life.

Somehow, he hired me, but not for the nice, safe job I wanted. No, as his new PA–a position that involves a lot of public speaking. But that’s something I don’t do. Ever.

Never underestimate a brilliant man given a problem to solve. Seth draws me out with one-on-one training sessions that quickly go from mild, to wild. In fact, his private lessons get me so hot and bothered that I forget to be nervous.

But as my confidence grows, so do my feelings for Seth, and a whole new fear takes hold. Is his interest in me real? He almost makes me believe it is… until I learn the real reason he hired me.