Valentine’s 2018

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The Deal

Holly Hart

Three billionaires.

A dark secret.

And one rule: Don’t fall in love.

The Deal. We made it to keep us safe.

We agreed never to marry, never to let a woman close enough to find out what we did.

But men get urges.

We need the touch of a woman. The smell. The taste.

So we found a solution.

We decided to share.

We picked three women, to spend a year with each of us in turn.

And then live the rest of their lives in luxury.

It worked for years. It protected us.

Until Stella.

There’s something intoxicating about her.

Her curves. The way she arches beneath me.

I’m addicted.

I don’t want to share. Not this time. Not her.

So I won’t.

But Stella has a secret, too. One that wasn’t part of the deal.

Now my former partners are coming to seek revenge.

But I’ll risk everything to save our family.

I lived my life by one rule. It’s time to break it.

Holly Hart hates cheating, and she absolutely loves Happily Ever Afters. This novel contains a couple of amazing bonus novels, as an extra gift!

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