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Zone Blitz: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Daphne Loveling

You can't score if you don't get in the game…


All I want is a shot at the big time.
I'm more than a pretty face on camera.
I want serious journalism,
But I can't get my foot in the door.
It's time I showed them who I am,
And what I can be.
My only option is the rugged linebacker for the Springville Rockets
He's hot, sexy, and completely wrong for me.
But, he has the right idea,
And together we just might have the victory we're both after.


They think they know who I am.
They don't know the half of it,
And I can't even broadcast the truth.
I just have to run with it,
And rebuild my reputation,
From the ashes up.
The feisty, gorgeous journalist is my ticket to success.
She just has to agree to it all.
If she doesn't,
It'll just be another fumbled ball,
A defeat that I can't recover.
But as things heat up, one thing is clear:
This is a game I'm not about to let myself lose.
Anna's body, her taste, her touch:
I'm playing for keeps.

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