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The Secrets & Scandal Collection
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Moxie Darling

Welcome to Possum Hollow, where life is hard, short, and soaked in sin.

Merle Davis is well and truly fucked. Forced to marry the meanest, most spiteful woman in the holler in order to keep his wayward sister from taking a permanent swim in Hogtie Pond, he resigns himself to a lifetime of suffering.

His new bride, Amaleen Crouse, has the biggest moonshine empire around and, as he comes to learn the hard way, the prettiest daughter. But he can't afford to be distracted by red hair and a spitfire mouth. Not when lives depend on the blasphemous vows he took.

But when the powers that be force him to taste that forbidden fruit, his resolve goes straight to hell in a Mason jar, and he soon has to choose between the woman he loves and the woman who owns him. And either choice will likely end in blood and misery.

Because there ain't no law in the holler. There's only living and dying.

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