An Interview With… Alexis Abbott

After quite a bit of stalking, Alexis Abbott finally agreed to chat with Beth, our editor, (who happens to be a major Alexis Abbott fan-girl). Hopefully Alexis has been seen since the interview and Beth hasn’t tried to recreate any Stephen King novels… Beth: Thank you so much Alexis for agreeing to be interviewed for […]

An Interview With… Iris Morland

We met Iris Morland for a coffee to chat about writing, working from anywhere and what it’s really like to be the boss. Iris sips at a latte whist Beth chose a very naughty hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Beth: Thank you for meeting with me today, Iris, I’m keen to get to know more […]

An Interview With… Erin Wright

Our exclusive interview today finds us chatting with Erin Wright about writing books, life as an author, famous cats and inspiring authors. We sent Beth, our editor, along to meet Erin. Here’s what happened: Beth: Today I’m meeting with the lovely Erin Wright. As I enter the room, I catch her sipping on a glass […]