13th December

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N. Alleman & J. Chase

Marisol is a struggling journalist trying to make her way in the big city without a penny to her name.

Park Fielding is the toast of high society and big business alike, with a taste for the best scotch and the most desirable women.

So when Park offers to play a game with her in exchange for an exclusive interview, Marisol readily agrees.

The two square up against each other in a sensual game that will pit lust versus manipulation, ruthlessness against love. But before a winner can be determined, she must agree to be his TOY.

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Stella Andres

Two men – one woman.

One man is polished, poised and sophisticated. He is at the top of his game and has the world at his feet.

One man is crude, filthy and sexy as sin.

The woman is beautiful, sexy with an innocence that converts well to sin.

There will only be one winner and the stakes are high. If the secret comes out – the world will Rock!

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